Business Matching

Business Matching

We provide interactive communication through our business matching system.

     Make in-person networking with promising Korean companies.

Business matching system

Buyers who want to consult with companies and businesses

Buyers who wish to consult with companies can consult with various companies of their own through business consultation application.

1. Find potential business partners

Take a look at company introduction and their content

2. Business Matching

Just click an email button to send requests to Korean companies

3. Business meeting

You will receive the reply to schedule a date, time for the online meeting

Korean Exhibitors list

Space AD Co., Ltd

Space AD Co., Ltd

1. Introduction about the company

Space AD Co., Ltd. leverages the convergence of the Construction Industry and the Virtual Reality field to lead the next-generation of construction IT technology. We have launched various technologies through the development and research of new construction IT technology.

2. Main products

- VR CAVE, Virtual Reality Safety Experience

3. Ideal business meeting partner

- VR CAVE, Virtual Reality Safety Experience