Business Matching

Business Matching

We provide interactive communication through our business matching system.

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Business matching system

Buyers who want to consult with companies and businesses

Buyers who wish to consult with companies can consult with various companies of their own through business consultation application.

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2. Business Matching

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Korean Exhibitors list

Lillycover Co., Ltd.

Lillycover Co., Ltd.

1. Introduction about the company

Lilycover Co., Ltd. means the combination of Lily, which symbolizes lilies and women, and Recover, which means recovery and regeneration. It is a startup company based on Health-Care & Beauty-Tech that understands different skin characteristics and provides services to Help skin recovery. Based on big data and artificial intelligence algorithms, ICT Health-Care company that provides individual skin care solutions has constructed a system for diagnosis-result-subscription-feedback for individual users without purchasing products stored in the warehouse.

2. Main products

- Contactless Solution, "DANGBU"

3. Ideal business meeting partner

- Women in their 20s and 50s who are interested in skin

- Customers involved in skin care-related industries such as dermatology and aesthetic shops