Video content on Korean/Russian IT market

Video content on Korean IT market

These seminars will feature presentations from highly experienced 

IT experts sharing their expertise and knowledge in Korean IT market.

These seminars allow you to advance your knowledge in Korean 

IT market and give you information on Korean IT companies.



Russian IT market
METAVERSE & Digital ContentA
METAVERSE & Digital ContentA
METAVERSE & Digital ContentA
METAVERSE & Digital ContentA
METAVERSE & Digital ContentA
Korean IT market

METAVERSE & Digital Content

- The definition of Metaverse, Digital Twin & Digital Content

- The domestic cases of Device-Network-Content and Future Opportunity

Limbok Lee

CEO, Secondbrainlab

Promising technology for Digital Content in Korea
- Age of digitact (digital + contact) -

- The speed of digital transformation has accelerated due to Covid-19

- How have digital content technology and mobile technology changed our lives?

- We looked at changes and trends across the indust

Dukjin Kim

Vice-director, Korea Insight Institute

Korean IT companies

- This company intro video is a short video clip showcasing Korean IT companies’ content

Korean IT companies

MOIBA introduction video

- MOIBA helps you expand your business into new markets by providing an opportunity to meet new partners


Digital New Deal in Life

- Digital new deal is love, digital new deal is communication

Ministry of Science and ICT