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KSEEK Co., Ltd.

KSEEK Co., Ltd.

1. Introduction about the company

KSEEK Co., Ltd. is a technology venture company and independent broadcasting production company that has studied future two-way broadcasting production technology for many years. We have secured interactive platform technology where 1 million people participate in events such as surveys, voting, quizzes, and games through smart phones. Through the participation of smartphone users, we also created collective intelligence and produced bidirectional broadcasting contents. We have also collaborated with major Korean broadcasters such as KBS, EBS, JTBC, and Talent TV. The non-face-to-face video participation function of KSEEK Co., Ltd is able to grant access up to 108 participants and view it all on one single display. The 'ThankAge' app is not only convenient but also practical. It allow users to download it directly from their mobile phone, and makes it possible for you to receive users’ feedback in real time.

2. Main products

- Thankage 

- KBS Smart talk show “Follow Me"

3. Ideal business meeting partner

- Companies related to broadcasting and entertainments

Company Introduction

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