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IndJ Co.,Ltd

IndJ Co.,Ltd

1. Introduction about the company

IndJ was established in 2019 and is a music platform that provides music recommendation services based on artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence analyzes more than 20,000 personalized situations in real time and recommends music and content that corresponds to them. It also recommends music according to the user's emotional pattern. Based on music platforms and unique technologies, last year, it signed an agreement with global companies such as Silicon Valley company M to jointly develop artificial intelligence services worth more than $4 million. It is also expanding globally by establishing cooperative systems with various companies in Canada, Spain, Germany, Australia, China, Southeast Asia, and the United States through cooperating with KOTRA.

2. Main products

- Artificial Intelligence-Based User Situation and Emotion Analysis Customized Music Recommendation Streaming Radio Service

3. Ideal business meeting partner

- Music streaming platform

- Associations related to music & content industry

- Investors

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